Traveling to Lima? Watch this!

Wondering if Lima is a city? a countryside?  an archeological site?

Where on earth is Lima located?

Whether you are going to Lima for business or vacations trip, watch this video and find the answers to these questions and some tips to have a safe and fun stay on your next trip to Peru.

And don’t miss the chance to download your Lima free guide.

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Spanish / English false friends

How come Spanish and English became false friends?

Actually they didn’t.  But some words did.

Spanish and English share words that look similar (are written almost the same), but pronounce different and have a different meaning.

It is common, for people learning Spanish, to make mistakes when they find these words:

  • Once (Español) / once (English)
  • Carpeta (Español) / carpet (English)

In this video you will find several words, and their meaning, to help you remember them forever!

You can also find more Spanish false friends here: Spanish false cognates and false friends


It is your turn now; which other “false friends” words did you find confuse?